The Groom Room is a full service mobile dog grooming salon. Whether your best friend needs a groom, or a complete make-over, we have the solution for you.

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Professional, Caring Mobile dog Grooming Service where your dog's comfort and happiness comes first

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Here at the Groom Room we always put your dog first. We are all you want in a salon and we have the added benefit of being mobile, so we come direct to you. We are a fully self-contained, state-of the-art dog salon on wheels. We will love your dog as much as you do.

Dog Grooming

Coat Brush-Hand brushing/loose Hydro-Massage, Deep Cleaning Bath, Luxurious Speciality Treatment Shampoos to suit your dog's coat, including: Wicked White, Diamonds and Pearl, Oatmeal, Everyday, ...

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Dog Wash

Groomer's Bath + Blow Dry PLUS a tidy up of your dog's Face, Feet, Tail, Belly and Sanitary Area using clippers and scissors, there is no clipping off the body. In between clips and during the cooler ...

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Dog Walking

At the Groom Room, we are committed to every aspect of your dog's wellbeing. We believe regular exercise is just as vital as regular grooming.

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Browse through the photos below and see the difference a visit from the Groom Room can make for your pooch.

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At the Groom Room, we pride ourselves on offering truly competitive prices. For your convenience, we have several easy payment options, including: cash, EFTPOS (Visa, MasterCard), debit card and PayPal.

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Welcome to The Groom Room

The Groom Room is a full service mobile dog grooming salon. Whether your best friend needs a groom, or a complete make-over, we have the solution for you. From a warm water hydro bath, to dog grooming and clipping or even dog walking, we provide everything you need for a happy, healthy dog.

Everyone knows that to make a good impression, you need to pay close attention to your hygiene routine. However, many don’t realise that a good grooming routine is just as essential for your pet as it is for you. This includes regular bathing, flea treatment, excess hair removal and nail trimming. Just as we feel happy and more confident with clean skin and shiny, thick hair – so do our pets. We believe a well-groomed dog is a happy dog, so we aim to make our furry clients as happy as possible with a thorough pet grooming service.

While many understand how essential a regular grooming routine is to their pooch’s health and happiness, travelling to and waiting at the groomer’s is often a major obstacle. The Groom Room solves this problem, with the Gold Coasts’ most extensive mobile dog grooming service. Our fully air-conditioned, self-contained mobile salon will cater for your best friend’s every need. The Groom Room’s friendly staffs will never assume what you want – we will take the time to discuss your pet’s specific needs, and treat them accordingly. Simply call or email us to book an appointment, and our caring staffs will arrange a time convenient for you.

At the Groom Room, we are as passionate about the health and happiness of your dog as you are. That’s why, when you book a grooming with us, it’s more than a routine cleaning experience. Our air-conditioned, self-contained grooming van allows you to watch your best friend being pampered in absolute comfort. At the Groom Room, we believe your dog will look his best groomed in a happy, relaxed environment. We know that any interaction with unfamiliar dogs can be stressful, so there are no cages or difficult interactions with other dogs. Our committed staffs takes the time to get to know your best friend, and cater to their grooming needs.

In addition, we understand that not all dogs are created equal. Each dog is an individual, with different grooming needs. For this reason, we tailor your best friend’s experience with us to suit his requirements. As part of your appointment, our dedicated team conducts an assessment to identify your dog’s specific needs. We examine your best friend’s skin, the condition of his coat, hair and teeth, to ensure he receives the best groom possible.

We service areas all over the Gold Coast, from Ormeau right through to Burleigh. Call or email us, and speak to our staff about your dog’s next grooming experience.

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